We can help you from action to viewer. We have solutions for cameras, mixers, encoding, uploading and distributing. We are happy to provide the complete solution or work along side you filling any gaps you need us for.

Our trucks can come loaded with encoders and capture cards and we also have a CDN (content delivery network) that works well with the trucks as well.


We can offer the following encoding solution (you are welcome to use your own in our trucks).


Price per Day



Capture Cards Black magic Ultrastudio (HD-)SDI
Analogue Conversion Blackmagic analogue to SDI mini converter
Encoding Hardware

i7 1.9 Ghz Laptops 8Gb RAM

Software Wirecast / FLME
What's Included

Laptop, Capture Cards, Setup

Complete hot backup of above

What's not


*This can be setup for additional fee


Vision Mixing

You can hand us an SDI feed or we can mix your cameras for you. We use the blackmagic ATEM television Studio with a control laptop. We can provide 3rd party OB trucks if your requirement is more complex.
ATEM Television Studio

Price per Day



SDI Video Inputs 4
HDMI Inputs 4
Audio Inputs

1 per Video + 1 x AES/EBU

Monitoring 26" HD Multiview Screen

3 Layers with
Green screen, wipes and logo stores

What's Included

Mixer, Screen, Control laptop, network switch

What's not





* This can be arranged for additional fee

Our Webstreaming, encoders and CDN are tailored to every job so please get in contact for more information.